Special project for SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2020

The word remainder means something that remains or is left over after other parts have been used (an obvious connection to the main topic of Spring Break 2020: IN EXCESS). This small derelict piece is not only a remainder, but also a reminder. Thus, the title is Rem(a)inder.

The growth of industrial society is often based on overconsumption of natural resources. The consequences of this are omnipresent today: piles of waste, exploitation of animals and farmland, urban development that harms its surroundings, etc. Concrete and garbage are replacing man's pristine natural landscape.

We require a new evolutionary stage to combat this destructive approach. We need to envision a progressive and fruitful ecosystem that features a symbiotic combination of industrial society and nature that spurs sustainable development.
The "natural way of life" is closing due to humanity. We can no longer afford to irresponsibly deal with nature in the same way. We are obliged to take responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the ecosphere. We must become nature’s partners, not enemies, and consciously protect it. It is extremely important to promote the principles of sustainable development, creating an environment in which both natural resources and the interests of human civilisation can coexist.

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