We support, promote and sell 

contemporary art worldwide. 

Verity Fair | Art Agency interconnects artists and galleries all over the world. We explore, design and promote artist personal brands within the global art community and provide sales of diverse media artworks both offline and online. The agency also provides art support services for foreign artists and galleries interested in working in the Russian art market. 

What do we do? 


The agency assists with strategy development, organisation and implementation of the joint project, and also aims for more productive communication between the artist and the brand, who are interested in the collaboration. We work with restaurant and hotel businesses, design studios, and accessories brands.

Art Sales

We sell all kinds of art on our online platform: paintings, sculptures, prints and a lot more. We invite you to visit our market to find a congenial piece of art for your space and soul.

Video Production

Together with professional video makers, we make short video portfolios, biopics and documentaries about art and its figures. Last year we produced two short films about twin-artists Ztwins and Winzavod Open Studios. Full videos are available here and on the official YouTube channel.

Art Consultancy

For collectors, companies and everyone interested in purchasing art, we offer individual art consultations on running private and corporate collections. Our consultants will tell you the story of each work in details and provide their help to find the best option for your soul or space. In a special form, you can leave your consultation request.

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Artist submissions and partner offers

please send to info@verityfair.art

Tel. +7 906 247 4744


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